Remote Controlled LED Strip in Pakistan

Standard LED Strip in Pakistan
Standard LED Strip in Pakistan
Standard LED Strip in Pakistan

What makes The Lit Strip is so special?

  • Multicolour: Our LED Strip is capable of emitting up-to 16 colors, while simultaneously giving you full control over brightness levels.
  • Strong Tape: It is very easy to install and has a strong hold on most kind of materials which can give lasting strength.
  • Good Brightness: Our LED Strip is one of the brightest Strip available in the market at the given cost. For geeks it's 5050 SMD and have 60 LEDs per meter!
  • Remote Control: You can control the LED Strip with a touch of button on your remote control.
  • Support & Service: Get our LED Strip with a peace of mind as our device is backed with up to 90 Days of replacement warranty.

Remote Controlled LED Strip in Pakistan

What's in the box?

About the Strip

16 Color Combinations

Our strip is capable of producing up to 16 color combinations giving you the ability to transform the outlook of your room. Whether you want calm warm hues or party colors, our strip has got you covered.

Quality results with us

One of the most pressing issue with the LED Strips available in Pakistan is that the tape at the back of the strip is of mediocre quality. In other words, the strip starts falling off as with a week after you stick it which becomes a huge hassle. We have equipped our standard strips with a reasonable quality of tape which can give lasting strength. 


If later on, you want to control your strip through your phone, you can easily upgrade this strip by purchasing our WIFI Adapter which is sold separately.

Why Our Strips?

90 Days Warranty

Strong tape at the back

Free 7 Day Return Policy


Upgradeable to Wifi

Strip in Action