Introduction to Smart Devices

If you have come this far, then you obviously know what bulb is. But what makes a bulb 'Smart'? Well, let us clarify this for you. Smart devices are the products that can be connected and controlled from your smart phone. To connect these devices you need to be connected to an internet connection. Once your smart device is connected to your internet, you can seamlessly control it from the palm of your hand.

What is so Smart about The Lit Company's Bulb?

The Lit Company's bulb is packed with amazing features. The features that you may have never thought about. First and foremost is the changeable color temperature. Some people in your home may like white color lights and some may like yellow lights. With our bulb you don't have to fight with each other because the color of the light is changeable. Then comes color mode where you can change the RGB color of the bulb. If you're reading, partying the bulb can help you set up the environment.

Now let's talk about automation. With The Lit Company's bulb you can set timer. If you want to turn on your light without even using your phone, you can do so. Just turn on the timer and the bulb will do it's magic. For example if you want to turn on the bulb at 7:00pm at night and turn it off at 5am in the morning, you can change the settings and the bulb will react accordingly.

We hope this blog clarifies a lot of confusion about Smart Devices and our Smart Bulb.

At The Lit Company our goal is to make smart devices main stream in Pakistan. We wish our country to be as good in technology as the other first world countries! We are just getting started and we are hoping to introduce more Smart Devices in Pakistan.